Playing Amplified Games’s Blackjack Revenge

Bella Dippenaar
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Blackjack Revenge is an awesome new game from Amplified Games that is perfect for anyone who has ever felt frustrated or cheated when the dealer still manages to win with a blackjack hand even though you were convinced that you had that winning hand of nineteen or twenty. There is nothing more frustrating than anticipating a great win and thinking that those chips on the table will be yours for sure, only to be beaten by one point by the dealer.

Blackjack revenge is a great twist on the classic blackjack game because the game works in the same way as a standard blackjack game except that in Blackjack Revenge the clever part is that whenever the dealer gets a blackjack and beats your hand of nineteen or twenty, you automatically win a letter. The letters spell out R E V E N G E and you can collect these letters so the next time that you get blackjack your payout will then be multiplied by the number of revenge letters that you have collected. This is a really great way to exact revenge on the dealer and it will appeal to those frustrated blackjack players who have wished that they could get back at the dealer in some way.

Special Features of Blackjack Revenge

There is a bit more to the game of Blackjack Revenge than just the cool revenge part, besides collecting letters of revenge to increase your winning margins, the game has a few othr tricks up its sleeve. The Ask the Dealer function is especially handy for those players who are new to the game of blackjack and do not know that much about the rules and basic strategy in blackjack. Ask the Dealer gives you hints about what you should with a hand that you are not sure of, for instance the dealer can suggest that you hit or stand, in other word s accept more cards or just keep the ones that you already have.

The dealer can also suggest whether or not you should split like cards or double down or even surrender. Another great feature is the chat feature; this chat feature is available to you if you sign up for a Juju Play Community account. With the chat feature you can chat to other players while playing a game of blackjack.

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