Blackjack Pair Hand Strategy – Pair of Fives

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Blackjack is a game of chance in many respects but also a game of strategies that players should learn and practice on the tables to have a better blackjack playing performance which leads to wins. There are many strategies for blackjack but the focus of this article is the blackjack pair hand strategy for pair of fives.

Strategy in blackjack is learning the optimum way to work with the cards that are dealt on the table and in your individual hand. A basic strategy when it comes to holding a pair of fives is to never split the fives. Why splitting a blackjack pair hand strategy of pair of fives is bad is because once split a pair of fives will now leave the player with two hands of stiff fifteen count, instead of holding on the strong hand of pair of fives, totaling ten in the players hand prior to the hit.

Should the player be holding a pair of fives, the blackjack pair hand strategy for that regarding the dealer is to first see what the dealer has, if the dealer holds cards two through to nine then double, if the dealer has above that the player holding the pair of fives should hit.

A pair in blackjack is when the first two cards dealt to the player are of the same denomination, not necessarily suit. Playing a strategic game when dealt a pair of fives can greatly cut down on the houses edge with the blackjack table game.

When it comes to blackjack pair hand strategy pair of fives it is often a beginner’s blackjack strategy to split, at the blackjack table this is not an advisable pair hand strategy, for the reasons that a beginner may expect a ten to be dealt on each five. Even if the player was dealt tens on the fives this would only give the player a count of fifteen on each hand and this is a low score and should you hit the chances of going bust are greatly increased. There are other cards which are more advisable to split on.

Blackjack Pair Hand Strategy – Pair of Fives
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The Canfield master card counting system

There are so many different card counting systems regarding the Blackjack game that you really need to find out how all of them work and which one will work best for you. You really have to be into the game of Blackjack if you are to have any success at all with any of the strategies. If you are just playing for fun, no strategy is necessary, but if you have money on the table you’d better be very clued up on which strategy is going to win you some extra cash, otherwise you are just going to lose a lot of money.

The Canfield master card counting system is a Blackjack card counting strategy that uses multiple cards and this system is also set up as an advanced counting system. This means that your count will not only start on positive number above one but can also go down into negative numbers. This strategy requires a lot of concentration and you have to learn exactly how to keep your eyes on the cards while the game is in progress. When you lose count of the cards, your strategy will be useless for the rest of the game.

Considering that you need to memorize this strategy, it is advisable that you take your time in learning and understanding it before attempting to use the strategy in an actual game of Blackjack. At the start of your game your count should be on zero. As the dealer is dealing out the cards for the players to play the game you should keep your eye on them and keep your count running in your head. When all the cards have been dealt your count should then be on zero again. If it isn’t, you have lost your count during the dealing or you didn’t start the counting in the correct way.

Keeping you eye on the cards during the game will help you to know how many high value cards are left in the pack and this will assist you in knowing when to bet high and when to bet low.