Counting To Win Card Counting On Blackjack

Bella Dippenaar
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The card counting strategies of the world are to help players to win their card game through counting. The thing is that players need to understand the card game they are playing thouraly before even attempting to learn a counting technique to go with it.

The red seven counting system is one of the easiest counting systems around and can be applied to your card game with ease! But this strategy is most usually applied in blackjack!

The best way to learn the red seven system is to learn which cards go with which numbers. Then you should practice until you can count through a complete desk of cards in the shortest ammount of time, meaning seconds. Once you can do that you can start trying to put it into your actual card games, but do it slowly, start with friendly games then when you are sure you can do it, you can take it to your gambling houses and use it with your hard earned cash! Always remember the number one rule!

If your count is high numbers you can bet extra and if it is low you bet less! The red seven counting system is unbalanced the reason for this is the four sevens in the pack are split. The two red sevens are of one value while the two black sevens have another value.

If you reach high number when you are done counting, the odds of the game are in your favour! I think to be able to take card counting up as part of your card playing stratagy, you would be much luckier if you are mathematically minded, if you love numbers and playing around with them, because if someone who doesn’t like maths tried to learn the red seven system, or any other counting system for that matter, they would become exremely confused.

Normally playing card games alone is enough of a challenge and there are many players who win without counting. So whichever way you decide to play, you can check out the red seven counting system and see if you can keep all the numbers in your head, so that you can beat the house in every game!

Here’s a neat little video from Blackjack Aprentiship who offer a complete blackjack card counting systems that enable playerts to “beat the game of blackjack”.

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