Blackjack Tournaments & The Hard Hand 11 Strategy

Bella Dippenaar
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Blackjack is a game that almost everyone knows from movies and books, but what they may not know is how much fun it is to actually play. And when you’re playing not just against the dealer but against other players, the game becomes even more exciting.

Blackjack tournaments can host a variety of players, from just two or three to thousands, and each tournament generally uses the same set up. The players pay a tournament fee and get a number of chips, which they then use to play. Players who lose all of their chips are eliminated. The player who maintains all of their chips and more during the game is the eventual winner.

Sometimes, the tournaments will take place over a certain time period or for a set number of hands, and the player with the most chips at a certain table is the one who will move onto the next round, and claim all of the winnings, which are made up of the entry fees of all who participate. The more the entries, the more the prize money. In some cases, the organisers of the tournament will allocate a cash prize to the winner.

But before you get excited and secure your place, you need to know that the people who participate in these games are not novices. Many of them are seasoned players with all manner of systems in place, and this means it is really hard to win against them. Before you enter, you also need to determine what style of blackjack is being played and that you know how it works. Once you have gotten all of that out of the way, though, participating in a blackjack tournament can be a lot of fun and very profitable if you know what you are doing. And who knows? If Lady Luck is on your side, you could walk away with a big prize.

How to apply the Blackjack Hard Hand 11 Strategy

In the old game of Blackjack, the Ace card is interesting in that it can illustrate two different values; one or eleven. A player that has been dealt cards that do not include an Ace is said to have a hard hand. The same applies to player that has no choice but to use the Ace as a one. To fully appreciate Blackjack strategies, beginner players are advised to practice playing hard hands. Hard hands provide mental stimulation and help players get used to making quick decisions on the table.

Players must know when it is a good time to ask the dealer for a hit, surrender or double down. This basic knowledge is necessary for the effective application of strategies such as the Blackjack Hard Hand Strategy – total of 11. For example, if a player has a hard hand totaling 11 and the dealer has an ace, then the player should ask for a hit. In this instance, should it happen that the dealer does not produce an ace, the player can take a safe risk and consider doubling down.

A combination of cards that give a total of eleven when added together is considered to be the most powerful hand any player could hope for. The strategy is founded on the probability that the next card to appear will most likely not be more than 10 is very high. This is the reason that players are urged to double down at this point. If the dealer does indeed show an ace, then the player must hit on a hard 11.

With enough practice and spending a lot of time playing for free, these seemingly complex strategies will start to make sense and applying them in a manner that increases the possibility of winning will come easily to the trained player. Whilst learning about the intriguing game of Blackjack, beginner players must careful not to take big risks and possibly lose large sums of money because of greed and a general lack of patience.