Engage Platform Key Domain Buy in South Africa

Bella Dippenaar
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Canadian based form Engage Platform recently buys out some of South Africa’s largest consumer news and blog websites to add to their lead generation portfolio.

“Most consumer blog and news platforms in South Africa are governed by a select few news websites which cater for mainstream reporting but govern the online media landscape.”

“With the acquisition of 7am.co.za, hardtimes.co.za, networksociety.co.za, personality.co.za, soufrica.com, smartquote.co.za, dailylive.co.za, quickie.co.za, mamparra.co.za Engage Global’s footprint on non-mainstream opinion news exponentially grows to encompass an audience that is tired of mainstream press and wants to hear the voices and opinions on common issues in South Africa.”

“Blogger platforms serve this purpose and add a different spin to traditional reporting that consumers enjoy and are better engaged with as an audience. We have looked at these sites as platforms for alt news and have expanded the audience that is tired of traditional news platforms that attempt to expropriate cash from readers through pervasive advertising or pay per use models.”

“These traditional business models fail to meet what consumers want which is elective marketing and where the offer of distinct value is more important than force-feeding products and services.”

“We are starting over, starting from scratch making each site a valuable read to the intended audience and ensuring that our site visitors are educated, entertained and most of all derive great value from their experience of our websites.”

“Adequate web asset management is critical to a smooth corporate acquisition. This is why we are employing exclusively South African staff to run Engage Global operations in South Africa.”

“Corporate merger or acquisition can significantly impact a company’s future growth prospects. While an acquisition can completely transform a company, it is not without risk.”

“Due to the majority of businesses moving to e-commerce, the opportunity of being first to market on affiliate based opt-in offerings in South Africa was a distinct opportunity.”