You Can Work Up a Sweat No Matter Where You Are

Bella Dippenaar
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Some may find it implausible. Some people may find it absurd. You, on the other hand, are not one of them. You’ve got a spot. 

You already believe in the power of The Workout because you place a high value on exercise and living a movement-centered lifestyle. However, you may be wondering how a healthy lifestyle can be incorporated into your vacation time. If you want to break a sweat, there are numerous activities to choose from. 

During your vacation, you may decide to reduce the intensity of your workouts and focus more on active recovery. Alternatively, you may prefer to begin your day with a vigorous twenty-minute workout. Whatever the reason for your workout, it does not have to be difficult. The more straightforward something is, the better it is. 

We are fortunate in that we do not need to fill our luggage to the brim with exercise equipment to get a good workout while traveling. 

Make do with what you’ve brought, specifically your bags 

If your packing strategy is similar to mine, you can use your Ready for Every Occasion, Beach Day, and Blizzard Travel Kits to benefit your muscles and bones. Exercises with sandbags, medicine balls, dumbbells, and barbells can be done with purses, satchels, backpacks, and suitcases. If you’re doing a strength training program, get creative and use your luggage iron instead of the gym’sgyms. 

Lunges are a great exercise for building core strength

This type of exercise is excellent for building strong back muscles 

Do you want to take on more difficult tasks? Experiment with the length of time each exercise is done under tension (a fancy phrase to describe the pace of your movement). Change the demands of an exercise by quickening or slowing it down. Do you wish it had a little more oomph? Perform a few burpees, jump lunges, squat jumps, or jumping jacks for 15 to 30 seconds between each exercise for “fun.” 

Utilize what you discover, such as the city 

Your accommodations, as well as the surrounding parks and streets, will serve as a blank canvas for you to paint unique, creative, and entertaining workouts. Tables and chairs can be used to perform exercises that require elevation and/or support, as well as park benches as plyometric boxes or gym benches, stairs as, ahem, stairs, and pathways or quiet streets for sprinting. 

Timed circuits are an excellent form of exercise to do while traveling

To begin with, they are laid-back and have a good sense of humor. During each exercise, you will complete as many repetitions as you can in the time allotted. Second, you have complete control over the difficulty level of each of these workouts. Choose between three and ten different workouts or movements (the choice is entirely yours!). Execute each one for 30 to 60 seconds (your choice!). Determine how much time you’ll spend resting and recovering between exercises or rounds. 

Workouts with a timer allow people of varying fitness levels to exercise safely together. Invite your new traveling companion to join you for a workout in the beautiful new environment you’ve discovered. 

Make do with what you have, such as tools and toiletries 

Increase the variety of your workouts by using tools that are not only lightweight but also versatile, and that can be easily tossed in your bag alongside your socks and the gift you’re getting for your mother. 

TIP! A skipping rope, TRX suspension trainer, travel yoga mat, resistance bands, tennis/massage balls, and travel-sized foam roller are some of my favorite training companions because they take up little space while providing a lot of function and joy. Of course, my husband and children are among my favorite training partners. 

The key to maintaining consistency (and reaping the benefits of it)… 1. Prepare mentally for the trip before you leave. 

Make an adaptable workout plan for yourself. Consider how you can modify your new surroundings to meet your requirements. 

Make the process simpler

The majority of people will have never trained while traveling before, so this will be an entirely new experience for them. Create a routine or a system to help you maintain consistency and avoid becoming overwhelmed. You should make a list of the smaller steps you need to take to get to the point where you can begin working out. 

Consider the following: 1. Take off your pyjamaspajamas. 2. Make some coffee. 3. Consume 500mL of water. 4. Review the workout and set up the gym, also known as “clear the floor” and “place the luggage.” 5. Make yourself a cup of coffee. 6. Make sure you’re dressed in clothing that allows you to sweat. 7. Play music that is on par with “This is my JAM.” Get into shape. 

By implementing a routine like this one, you can keep yourself from going to bed thinking, “Ugh. I need to get some exercise. Now I’m itching to hit the gym. I’m just going to sigh and say that I’d like to stay here. That takes us directly to the eighth step. Instead, your ritual focuses on the steps of getting out of bed and making coffee (steps 1 and 2, respectively). Just a minor adjustment. There’s a significant difference. 

Do your best

When traveling, your goals should be to have fun, get a boost of energy, and maintain or improve your current level of fitness. The best thing you can do for your body, on the other hand, is simply get out there and moving whenever you need a break from structure or are stressed about fitting in your workout. Explore. Climb mountains. Take a stroll down the winding roads and take in the scenery. Never give up on the pursuit of movement.